Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review: 2010 Lincoln MKT EcoBoost AWD has a good personality and great moves


Approaching the 2010 Lincoln MKT for the first time is like meeting a blind date. You've been told by friends she has a good personality, which immediately has you wondering what she looks like. From a distance you see your fears confirmed: She's a big girl with a toothy grin and a weird hump. If super models are your thing, you'll be disappointed by this three-row crossover sitting alone in the corner with a red carnation in her hair. But if you meet her with an open mind, you'll find that a good personality goes a long way.

It's our job to go on blind dates with vehicles before you do, and despite the MKT's controversial design, we're glad we sat down and got to know her. Now, if you can't get over seeing a beached whale in your driveway every morning, stop reading; no twin-turbo direct-inject V6 engine, advanced infotainment features or luxurious appointments will change your mind. We'll agree to disagree and you'll probably pass judgment on the MKT from afar, not even giving it the courtesy of a test drive before shacking up with that German model. Will you regret not getting to know the MKT like we did? Read on to find out.


  1. Wow, I am thinking I love, love this car!

  2. Hhmm ... I have a plan next month will buy this car .... :D

  3. I am from BC. Sorry it took me so long to visit you back. God Bless!!

  4. Like those crossover cars, best of both worlds, lets stimulate the economy!

  5. What a car! Hope Ive like this. Nice collection

  6. Hi I come to your Blog, It is Nice Car. thanks for click at my blog, I want to giving back a fever but you don't have an ads, but thanks very much

  7. wow !
    really a dream !
    its really one that i have been dreaming of.
    and nice post with lot of information.

  8. That 2010 Lincoln MKT is what I want to just sit in the driveway. Very impressed.

  9. Hi! how are you? I'm here for a visit. Keep in touch and enjoy the rest of the week. :)

  10. I bet it comes with great features as well. Sure will make people turn their heads for a double take. They're more of a high end type of cars. I see alot Mercedes, BMWs, and Lexus in my city. Once in awhile Lincolns.

  11. These cars are nicer than anything I can afford. I'll be fixing my mini van until it just can't go anymore!

  12. hello! I was here visiting you again. I do love the new lincoln it's my father in laws favorite brand of car. He never bought any brand and every year he upgrade. I can't wait to see when he buy it. :)

  13. Hi! It’s nice to be here again. Have a great weekend ahead. Keep in touch!

  14. I was here again for a weekend visit :)

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